Haughty, grotesque and loving attention…..

ZIRKUS is the story of two cynical circus directors who are lifelong friends. After a few glorious years, their circus got in trouble and was eventually shut down. Missing the attention and looking for new praise, the directors came up with a plan which involved a flamboyant and voluptuous lady who is promised popularity and attention and does not seem to realize that she is being exploited for her appearance and is actually paraded as a circus freak.

ZIRKUS provides street theatre that borders on the absurd and the grotesque. Inspired by the 30’s Freak Circus Genre and Andy Warhol’s pop art, the act wants to push the boundaries of the stereotype of beauty and explore its contradictions. The stark contrast between the characters and their interaction with the audience creates an interesting and fascinating mix, guaranteed to leave the audience wanting more.


De Panne straatfestival

De Panne, Belgium