Lavar Performances

LAVAR performances was established in 2012 and is an innovative organization that aims to create playful and fresh (stilt walker) acts. We are based in The Netherlands, but we also have a lot of experience performing all over the world and for international audiences. LAVAR performances creates interactive acts that captivate and tantalize the audience. We do this by creating an atmosphere through the use… read more


The Fool might speak to the moon, yet it’s madness not to listen to it.

The moon sees the universe from a different perspective. After millennia observing us, She is finally showing us her two halves – GEMOONI. Sometimes weak… read more

Boreal Bears

The Arctic is melting and entire ecosystems are unravelling. “Polar Bears are literally being forced off the planet. They’re in trouble, got nowhere else to go” (Al Gore).

Boreal Bears are two giant bears from the Northern Sea Ice who… read more


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“LAVAR performances made for an utterly enjoyable show full of expression. Street theatre Woerden was briefly immersed in a film noir setting with a comedy edge!”

Edwin van Hoof

“I found your performances absolutely stunning!
The costumes are beautiful and great interaction with the audience!”

Erik Govers


LAVAR performances
Jacob Simonsz. de Rijkstraat 74
3554 CM Utrecht, The Netherlands

+31 (0) 6 26 432 291