The Fool might speak to the moon, yet it’s madness not to listen to it.

The moon sees the universe from a different perspective. After millennia observing us, She is finally showing us her two halves – GEMOONI. Sometimes weak and shy, sometimes radiant and full of light, they are a fascinating mix of Middle Age and Romanticism, Science and Spirituality. GEMOONI are fierce and mysterious – the glowing moon on top of their heads create a magical lighting effect that triggers the imagination of the audience.

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Boreal Bears

The Arctic is melting and entire ecosystems are unravelling. “Polar Bears are literally being forced off the planet. They’re in trouble, got nowhere else to go” (Al Gore).

Boreal Bears are two giant bears from the Northern Sea Ice who moved down in the world, threatened by climate change. What was once the majestic symbol of a Frozen Kingdom, is now being forced out of his own environment. Balancing fear and reassuring feelings, Boreal Bears tells the story of two creatures’ struggle to adapt to this new condition. Thrust into a strange new reality, they wander among us, learning human’ habits. Fierce and playful, provocative and fascinating – Boreal Bears roam the world, conquering whole streets by interacting with the crowd from their 4 meter height.


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Haughty, grotesque and loving attention…..

ZIRKUS is the story of two cynical circus directors who are lifelong friends. After a few glorious years, their circus got in trouble and was eventually shut down. Missing the attention and looking for new praise, the directors came up with a plan which involved a flamboyant and voluptuous lady who is promised popularity and attention and does not seem to realize that she is being exploited for her appearance and is actually paraded as a circus freak.

Inspired by the Freak Show Genre, the act wants to push the boundaries of the stereotype of beauty and explore its contradictions, providing street theater that borders on the absurd and the grotesque. ZIRKUS, with its variety of humors, creates moments of authorized transgression by celebrating what deviates from normal and by reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously.

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