Lavar Performances

LAVAR performances was established in 2012 and is an innovative organization that aims to create playful and fresh (stilt walker) acts. We are based in The Netherlands, but we also have a lot of experience performing all over the world and for international audiences. LAVAR performances creates interactive acts that captivate and tantalize the audience. We do this by creating an atmosphere through the use of vivid and bright costumes, live music and professional performers.

The creative mastermind behind the company is Albert-Jan Appeldoorn. Albert-Jan has almost a decade worth of experience with performing on both national and international arenas. In addition to running his own company, Albert-Jan has traveled the world performing with Close-Act Theatre and has gained a lot of experience collaborating with other performing act companies.

Albert-Jan: “As a little boy, I once went to a circus where acrobats, clowns and other performers blew my mind away with a magnificent and mind-boggling show. With butterfly’s in my stomach I completely lost myself in the atmosphere. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.”